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FINAL BOUT is a unique drift competition hosted at the Midwest’s premier drift course- USA International Raceway on Labor Day weekend, August 30th and 31st in 2014. Final Bout will begin to rebuild drift culture in North America and move toward a more sustainable model by creating a strong grassroots foundation of teams and organizations throughout the North American continent. To this end, Final Bout will be a team competition that encourages people from all over NA to assemble as teams and fight to bring notoriety to their region.

Final Bout is being planned, organized and orchestrated by ClubFR. ClubFR brings over 12 years of event planning experience to Final Bout as the second oldest drift organization in the North America. ClubFR has consistently hosted track days and weekends with excellent notoriety and recognition, and has fostered a family feel by building and encouraging community which extends beyond the track weekend itself.

Final Bout will invite drivers to assemble teams with a minimum of three cars per team, and teams will compete against each other in an elimination format. To bring focus to the aesthetic value of grassroots drift cars, the first portion of the Final Bout weekend will include a judged car show, which will contribute to 50% of the competing team’s overall score. The remaining time will be used for a team tandem competition, forcing drivers to strengthen their driving skills as a team.

Key teams from across North America have been invited to the Final Bout event and have made deposits to participate. Final Bout is still 6 months away and has become the go-to drift weekend for grassroots drift enthusiasts. Participating teams have begun to promote this event through their own social media posts [Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo], populating relevant hashtags and direct communication with friends in the drift community.

A note to our sponsors:

Professional drifting is an exciting aspect of our sport, but professional drivers remain a minority among drift enthusiasts. It is ultimately the grassroots, amateur drivers who push drifting forward, and the rising costs of fielding a successful Formula D effort are alienating many amateur drift fans. A growing movement of grassroots drifting is developing in North America, and supporting this movement can lead to excellent exposure to your clients and increased sales volume. Final Bout is an event specifically catered to the culture conscious early adopters who drive trend in US drifting, and as the grassroots community continues to increase in size, connecting with events like Final Bout will be of immense benefit to all of our sponsors.

Please consider sponsoring Final Bout as a part of your 2014 marketing budget.

Interested sponsors can reach out to Final Bout staff at for a sponsorship packet and prospectus.

Registered Teams:
Animal Style
AutoFactory Realize
Club Sandwich
D Squad
Dirty Love
Drift Faction
Gold Star
High Fade
Hot Boyz
Opposite Line
Risky Devil
Street Dancer
Tandem of Die
Team ShaDynasty

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