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How to Prep for DD101

This may be your first time attending a drifting event or may be your first motorsports event ever. Don't fret, because we have a basic rundown of how to prep for a DD101.

It is very likely that you could encounter some mechanical issues with your car especially when you decided to push yourself and your car to limits. 


Basic Tools

We recommend bringing a ratchet set with varying sockets, torque wrench, jack stands and jack, and ZIP TIES. These should be able to give you a solid foundation to start.


Spare Wheels/Tires

Chances are you driving your car to the event and you want to make sure you have some shoes that can get you back home after a long day tearing up your tread. We have a tire machine and operator present to swap out worn tires for new, but it makes it a lot easier and optimizes your time if you come with at least a spare set of wheels with fresh tires.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.28.33 PM.png


We recommend a SNELL (or equivalent) certified helmet that is up to date in standards. Currently, the standard would be SA2015 which can usually be found inside the helmet lining. If you have a motorcycle helmet, it may be applicable but it would be at your own risk. Using outdated standard helmets are also at your own risk. While we strive to ensure our course layouts are safe and approachable, you should always make sure you've got the best standard of safety on your side.

General Tech

Please follow these guidelines but note that tech is not limited to the below items

- Battery secure

- Battery positive covered

- No loose engine components (intake, catch can, fuse box, etc)

- No leaks

- Coolant overflow is present

- Power Steering reservoir covered

- Wheel lug nuts present and tight