Club FR est.2003



The competition is a traditional 1 on 1 tandem style. The winner will be determined by who can perform both duties as Lead and Chase driver better than their opponent.

Lead Driver

The lead driver must have a clean run ahead of the chase driver, maintaining a drift throughout the entire course without going off course, stopping their drift, or spinning out. The object is not to run away from the chase driver but to do a perfect run that can be followed.

Chase Driver

The chase driver must follow the lead driver and maintain a drift throughout the entire course behind the lead driver. The chase driver must remain as close to the lead driver as possible without contact, straightening out, or drifting in the wrong direction.

The following items are deductions to your overall run but do not forfeit your run.
- One wheel off track
- Late initiation
- Severe slowdown without coming to a full stop
- Corrections mid drift (e.g. losing angle, going off line, etc.)


Run forfeitures

The following items will cause your run to not count, if the other driver does not also do one of the below, they automatically win this round. As a lead driver if your error hinders the chase driver unable to finish his run, the loss will go to you as the lead driver. - Two or more wheels of track

- Coming to a full stop on track
- Straightening out during drift (note: cars with low power are permitted to straighten on long straights if it applies, please ask the judges prior to the competition)
- Drifting the opposite way of the course. This includes performing a manji on a straight. If you have a low powered car, you will need to straighten instead of performing a manji to complete the course
- Hitting the other car and causing them to lose their drift
- Losing a car part that causes the chase driver to lose their drift