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Media Inquiry

Media Inquiry

Where the shooters at?

Have you been shooting for a while and want to freshen up your portfolio? Or are you a amateur that is looking to build a portfolio?

We'd love to see your work from our events!

Media Expectations:

  • Closed toed shoes and long pants to be on track - yes, even on those hot days

  • Have, and wear, a reflective vest

  • Must attend all driver's meetings throughout the day

  • Must abide by the ClubFR General Rules.

  • Be expected to pay spectator's entrance fee - usually $10 to $15, unless notified otherwise.

  • Provide a partner to spot/shadow [please have person's info ready]

Recommendations for Preparing:

  • Sunglasses and Sunblock

  • Folding chair

  • On sunny days, a personal fan

  • For the fair skinned, some sunblock

  • On cooler days, bring/wear layers

  • On rainy days, bring a rain jacket and a durable umbrella

Due to the high demand of media access, you must submit your information for approval at least two weeks prior to the event date. Only limited numbers of media can be approved per event due to safety regulations and insurance policies.

We also DO NOT allow media for Drift 101 events.

It is to provide a less distracting environment for our novice drivers.