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Rules and Expectations

ClubFR Rules and Expectations


Attire for all staff, drivers, riders and media: Closed toed shoes and long pants

Applies to ALL staff, drivers, riders, spectators, and media:
The use of any narcotic, controlled substance, performance-enhancement drugs, and/or recreational drugs, as defined by federal and/or state law, by any participant, is expressly prohibited, even if prescribed by a licensed physician. Consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not commence until all official functions of a specific series or event have been completed.
***USAIR: BBQs are allowed, but only with the use of gas grills provided by USAIR.

Failure to abide by stated rules will result in removal from venue without refund. 

Regarding Drivers:
Things to check before allowing a driver to run the track:

  • Driver must have on the appropriate driver’s color/design wristband. Any person(s) without a driver’s wristband is not allowed to drift the course.
  • DOT approved helmet is on and fastened.
  • Seat belt fastened and seats must be securely and properly mounted
  • Appropriate tire pressure
  • No leaking or excessive fluids
  • No loose items inside the vehicle
  • No loose engine or suspension parts
  • Firm brake pedal
  • Working brake lamp is required
  • Night/rainy events will require working parking and head lights
  • The windshield may not have any major defects and be clear for the driver to see through
  • Battery must be secured and all positive terminals covered
  • A coolant overflow tank is required
  • All lug nuts must be installed and engage a minimum of 4 threads of the wheel studs
  • Convertible cars must have roll over protection
  • Drivers are to maintain a 5mph speed limit in all pit and non-hot course areas.
  • No passengers during non-designated times ride-along times unless it is an instructor. no girlfriends, no boyfriends, no staff members who are not instructors.
  • All body parts (arms, hands, feet, etc) must remain inside the vehicle at all times.


  • Advanced Drivers Only
  • All participants must agree to tandem.
  • Roll cage is required, minimum of 4pt cage w/door bars
  • Arm restraints, window nets, or windows up during tandem are required.
  • Helmet must be Snell Memorial Foundation – SA2005, SA2010

***USAIR: Drivers must keep off the grass. If the situation is uncontrollable, DO NOT lock your brakes when driving into areas of grass. We advise you to roll into a stop.

Failure to abide by stated rules will result in removal from venue without refund.

Regarding Media:

  • Anyone who has media privileges (inc. assistants) must have a media pass.
  • All media who are on the track must have a spotter.
  • If a media person has assistant(s), but did not request a Media Pass for them, the assistant(s) are not allowed in hot areas. They may ask a staff member who are willing and available. Staff members' priorities are what is needed to run the event  and not assisting media. Therefore if there is assistance needed elsewhere, the media that needs an extra hand is S.O.L.
  • If media puts themselves, drivers, and/or bystanders at risk and repeatedly continue to put others at risk after being warn, privileges will be revoked from them and their assistants/crew/company.

Regarding Ride-a-long

  • Ride-a-longs are allowed during designated time(s), which are announced during the driver’s meeting.
  • All passengers who wish to Ride-a-long must attend driver’s meetings.
  • DOT approved helmet must be worn and fastened at all times along with closed toed shoes and long pants
  • All body parts (arms, hands, feet, etc) must remain inside the vehicle at all times.
  • When Cold Track is announced, it means to hold the start, do not let drivers drive until track is announced Hot.
  • Failure to abide by stated rules will result in removal of ride privilege without refund.

***pertaining to USAIR's location:

  • Ride-a-longs are only allowed on the advanced course.
  • Drivers must stay in the advance course area during the Ride-a-long session.
    • If a driver wishes to switch course, they must drop the spectator off back in the pit area.
  • Riders are not to loiter in the advanced start area. There are no spectators allowed on the track.
  • Riders are NOT allowed to walk across the track while the track is Hot
  • If a rider needs to get across track during a Ride-a-long session, they must ask a driver to transport them.

When on the track:

  • SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE TRACK. Only drivers, staff and media with a pass.
  • All body parts (arms, hands, feet, etc) must remain inside the vehicle at all times.
  • If the vehicle fails on the course, do not attempt to figure out and fix the problem on the track. If needed, push it back into the pits.
  • When the designated drifting course has ended, do not attempt to drive aggressively thereafter.
  • Media are only allowed to stand on the insides of turns, not the outsides.


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