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Hyper Drift Shootout


Hyper Drift Shootout (HDS) is an abridged tandem competition series hosted by Burstspeed and ClubFR in the 2019 season. There will be a total of 9 HDS events consisting of 8 seeding events and 1 championship event. The 8 seeding events will be used to select the top 8 drivers who will then battle in the final championship event.


The 8 seeding events will take place at regular drift events held at USAIR Motorsports. Each competition is limited to 8 drivers and will take place outside of regular drift event time (after the event, or during the lunch hour). This will prevent the competition from interfering with the regularly scheduled drift event.


Any driver whom is signed up for regular registration at a Drift Day featuring a seeding event. Drivers may not sign up for the competition without being signed up for the event occurring that day.

There is a maximum amount of 8 drivers per seeding event. Any driver that has come in 1st place at a previous seeding event cannot sign up for another seeding event.

Drivers interested in competing must inform ClubFR Staff prior to 10AM on the event day.

In the event that we have more than 8 drivers interested in competing, drivers who have competed in previous rounds will not be chosen to drive. If there are still more than 8, drivers will be picked at random.

Championship event drivers will be all 8 winners from the 8 seeded events. If one of the winners is unable to attend the final round a 2nd place driver from the previous rounds may replace said driver. If a 2nd place driver is unable to attend, that position in the 8 will be forfeited.


Please review the ClubFR Tech Rules. All standard drift day rules apply including the following additional rules:
- All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher within reach of the driver and securely mounted
- Only one pair of tires may be used during the entire top 8 competition (tires may be changed after practice)