Team: Opposite Line


Team Name: Opposite Line
Location: Ontario & California

Derek Slyter
Liam Kirby
Bryant Owens
Mike Belotti

What is the origin of your team name?

Coming from Opposite Sides of North America, Opposite Line seemed suiting.

How/why was your team formed?

Derek and I (Liam) made a pact to meet at USAIR and do an event in the 2014 season, when I was visiting SoCal. When we heard about Final Bout we both started working everything out so we could have a team to drive with. The team was formed for this event. Mike and I live in Ontario, help each other out and do events here. He likes cool things so it was a no brainer to get him on board.


Team: Dirty Love



Team Name: Dirty Love
Location: Minnesota

Andrew Kojetin
Chris Harteau
Jesse Lee Mitchell
Sam Kluver

What is the origin of your team name?

Man, the origin of Dirty Love? I would say the easiest way to explain would be to say it was formed while consuming large quantities of alcohol in a dive bar somewhere in MN and discussing the disarray of “Drift Teams” in the US. Then we sold lots of T-shirts, now we are here.

How/why was your team formed?

When first getting into drifting all of us came up watching TMF Opposition at the local DDYK ( Drift Don’t Ya Know) series here. Watching Mike Pollard and Ryan Clemens and the rest with great driving and great vehicle styling we drive ourselves to lead that same passion for the culture they did hoping to pass that on for years to come.

Why it was formed was to keep each other in check and grow as a group. Helping each other out is the main focus of the team.

What is the history of your team?

Started in 2007 with Andrew, Ben and Daelen sliding around the streets of Shakopee, MN we slowly started our paths through life destroying tires, Crushing beers and making irresponsible financial decisions. Slowly we realized we were dragging our buddies in with us we decided we might as well use this chance to take over the world.


Team: Club Sandwich


Team Name: Club Sandwich
Location: Illinois

Billy Lemke
Nic Giannini
Mike Adler

What is the origin of your team name?

We were all trying to think of names for a team. Felt it shouldn’t be too serious and started thinking of funny names and Club Sandwich was thrown out. Nobody really liked it then it grew on us over time and then it just stuck!

How/why was your team formed?

A few of us had the only modified cars in high school and decided to have fun with it and made a team.

What is the history of your team?

Charlie Nardini and Nic Giannini have been friends since kindergarden and were always into cars. Charlie bought a 240sx and showed Nic what drifting was. Nic passed it on to Antanas. Antanas bought a 240sx then Nic bought one as well. All three began getting noticed around they’re hometown of algonquin. Mikey ended up buying a 240sx as well and started joining Charlie, Nic and Antanas at the local meet. They all soon met billy. Billy wanted to slide something a little different. He purchased a SC300. After everyone had a few drift events under they’re belts we all felt confident enough to assemble and be a part of Finalbout.

Team: Breaking


Team Name: Breaking
Location: Indiana

Anthony Covey
Camden Fox
Derek Bianski
Derek King
Jorge Vega

What is the origin of your team name?

Breaking- broken cars broken aero. It’s part of driving and when you worry about it the fun is taken out. Naming a team after the inevitable reminds you to have fun while excepting at the same time.

How/why was your team formed?

Friends that share a common idea on what’s fun. We live in Fort Wayne area for the most part. We all enjoy driving and decided that forming a team would maximize funness!

What is the history of your team?

Most of us had been driving already by ourselves. One of us had a FD license and decided that it wasn’t the route that seemed the most fun (driving or financially). We already helped each other out at events so it seemed logical that we start a team.  

Team: GoldStar




Team Name: Gold Star
Location: California

Aaron Scovel
Angel Meraz
Dominic Sacco
Max Gemmell
Rustam Talipov

What is the origin of your team name?

When you were in kindergarten and you did a good job, you would get a gold star. It was originally meant to be a sarcastic joke ex: “oh you have steelies? good f*cking job, you get a gold star for the day (you big dumb idiot).” and so forth… We all deserve a little Gold Star now and then!

How/why was your team formed?

At the time we (Ange, Aaron, Max, and Rustam) all had Miatas, but we were more into drift style than the typical Miata stance or grip bullsh*t.

What is the history of your team?

Gold Star was started in 2011. The original members were Max, Angel, Rustam, and Aaron. Gold Star was not started as a “team” or “crew”, more as a bunch of close friends that had a passion for drinking a shit ton of banquet beer and cool, hammered cars. When it was originally started, we all had Miatas. Throughout the years, everyone evolved their sense of style/idea of what they wanted in their car, and obviously a couple more cool friends joined us in our quest for mayhem (Corbin with his JZX63 Cressida and Dominic with his Z32 300ZX). Our main goals; partying, street style, and drifting. Today we are a diverse group of tight knit friends with different yet similar taste in our hobby. Max started his drift life with an S13, went through several different chassis’, and found his way back to the s-chassis. Aaron has owned a million Miatas, and he doesn’t plan on switching chassis anytime soon. Little man = little car right? Rus, well he’s Russian and thinks his Miata is a 240SX for some reason… Angel started out in a miata, and well, lost a few brain cells, and switched to triangle magic. Corbin, Mr. Vintage, in his classic styled, yet modernized JZX63. Dominic and his show room floor lookin’ ass “Slick top” Z32. We’re here to f*ck sh*t up.