2015 CFR Early Bird Special

2015 Early Bird Flyer FINAL

2015 Early Bird Specials

I got tha hook up – holla if yuh hear me

Gas prices are

N………….and for a limited time, CFR registration fees are DOWN too!

Sale ends 03/16/15

Note: Maximum of 20 spots per event available for early bird special. Remaining spots will be for sale at normal timing and price.

Drift Day 50 | USA International Raceway


The icing on the top of the 2014 season cake. We can’t believe we’re at 50!!!


Date: Sunday, October 12, 2014
Gates Open: 7:00AM
Driver’s Meeting: 9:00AM
Hot Track: 9:30AM-12:30PM & 1:30PM-5:00PM
Break for Lunch: 12:30PM-1:30PM
Where: USA International Raceway. Shawano, WI
Hosted by: ClubFR
Early Registration (Ends October 3rd)
Late Registration & Day of Registration
***as always announced for every drift day, there are NO RIDE-A-LONGS in the mornings. If the morning session goes well, we will announce when the track will open up for ride-a-longs.

To Register follow this link:


***registering for a media pass does not guarantee an all access pass.

Each media person in the field must have a spotter.
*NOTE: a spotter is not the same as an assistant

If additional passes for an assistant is needed, the assistant must submit their information separately for approval along with their spotter.

Submission deadline for media is Sunday, October 5th. All registrants will receive information on media passes after the deadline.

Want to come to a Drift Day, but not ready to drift your car? Staffing is a great way to learn the course and meet new people. Fill out a staffing submission forum on ClubFR’s website if you are interested!


Shawano is no fancy town, there is little to nothing there. For those not familiar feel free to ask any questions.

There are a few restaurants around town. Typical fast food joints, and a few pretty good places you’ve never heard of.

On track amenities, USAIR allows propane grills, there is NO CHARCOAL grills allowed in the pit area. There are two propane grills provided by the track that are free to use.

There will be on track camping allowed, see below. For those who will be spending the night at a hotel there are a few options. Hotels: Mention US Air to get discounts

Comfort Inn & Suites
Shawano, WI – 715-524-9090


$62.00 for single or double
$65.00 for king suite
Full breakfast & pool

Settle Inn
Shawano, WI – 715-526-2044


$65.00 single or double
Continental breakfast & pool

Super 8
Shawano, WI – 715-526-6688


20% off rack rate
Continental breakfast

Cecil Fireside Inn
Cecil, WI – 715-745-6444


poolside $60.00 – 1 queen & 1 full, 1 or 2 people – country side $45.00 1 full & twin or 1 queen, pool.”

Team: Animal Style


Team Name: Animal Style
Location: California

Julian Jacobs
Ryan Kado
Hertrech Eugene Jr.

What is the origin of your team name?

The name popped up one day and seemed to fit. This has nothing to do with burgers.

How/why was your team formed?

Julian and Ryan crossed paths in 2009 when they tied for first place in a ThunderDrift single run competition. The judges decided that ThunderDrift’s first ever tandem battle would decide the winner. The pair continued to battle over the next few years and throughout Pro-Am, solidifying their aggressive driving style and friendship. Strong inspirations from Japanese teams would eventually bring together a group of humble friends who share the same vigor and desire to pursue the ultimate drift.

What is the history of your team?

The team came together in 2009. Some had been driving long before and others, shortly after. Over the years, they have proven themselves as top drivers with impact and aggression in and out of competition. Animal Style has shown their skills in team tandem events up and down the west coast. These days the goal remains not to win, but to bring the most excitement wherever they go.

Team: Control Freaks


Team Name: Control Freaks
Location: Missouri

Charlie Quatmann
Chris Hanley
Cory Conrad
Sam Pirtle
Steven Fishel

What is the origin of your team name?

A bunch of dudes throwing names at a wall until one stuck.

How/why was your team formed?

Drifting. We had a pretty solid group of friends ready to hit the streets or events on a weekly basis. Had to have some sort of name to keep from being labeled ‘those dudes from STL’.

What is the history of your team?

A group of friends hailing from St.Louis who enjoy drifting.



Team Name: Proceed
Location: Illinois

Eric Corvera
Ilia Smolov
Josh Maghirang
Leigh Roto
Simba Nyemba

What is the origin of your team name?

To PROCEED means to move forward.

How/why was your team formed?

Our team was formed to give friends from the Chicago area a family. PROCEED drivers push each other to excel in car style, driving, and in our personal lives and careers. PROCEED was formed to allow people who have been friends for years to work toward a common goal, and grow as people.

What is the history of your team?

All of the friends in PROCEED have been drifting together since 2006 or so, and most of us have even been in other teams together. Through our time as street drifters in the Chicago area we have learned about life through drifting. We wanted to create a team of best friends who would push each other to be better in every area of our lives, and so we began to plan.

In 2013 we created our team name, and began to plan the design of our cars. Everything was considered until we arrived at the style we have today. The red rose of PROCEED was a symbol of the hard work and positive energy we all promised to bring to our team.